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Four For Friday #31

Four… The Summer Set music videos.
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On Thursday, January 21st, The Summer Set announced their new album Stories For Monday, and along with it came a new single and music video. To celebrate the band’s first studio album since their 2013 effort Legendary, I thought I’d pick out four of the band’s greatest music videos.

The Boys You Do

The video starts off with the band waking up a little worse for wear after a pretty wild house party – some more than others, as John appears to have lost a tooth. They wonder where Jess has gotten to before they start remembering the events of the night before, which centred around a blonde girl with a polaroid camera. There’s a bit of a twist ending, too!


This song was written by Brian for his then-girlfriend, actress Chelsea Kane, who you may know from TV shows One Tree Hill or Baby Daddy. She also appeared on Dancing With The Stars, where she did one of her dances to this song. The music video is a parody of Saved By The Bell, with Brian taking on Zack’s role, trying to get the girl. It ends with the band on stage smiling down at the high school versions of themselves.

Lightning In A Bottle (Lyric Video)

There’s an actual music video for this song where they’re performing in a derelict warehouse they’ve broken into, but it’s frankly just not as good as this awesome lyric video. The band are driving around in a pick-up truck, scattering confetti in the wind and playing with sparklers and fireworks into the evening.

Figure Me Out

Last, but not least, here’s the music video for the new song, just released yesterday! It starts off with Brian playing the piano alone surrounded by lights, then the rest of the band appear and they’re all just rocking out, before it fades back into Brian at the piano alone again at the end. It may not be as crazy as the first three videos but the song is all about TSS having lost themselves a little bit and taking some time to figure it all out again and I for one can definitely appreciate that. Welcome back to these awesome guys – can’t wait to see them again on tour!

Stories For Monday is out April 1st, 2016 via Fearless Records. Click here to pre-order on iTunes and get an instant download of new single Figure Me Out!

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