Things From The Week

Things From The Week #23

A Whole Week Off?!

I know having a whole week off work seems like some kind of weird absurdity, but it actually happened this week! I knew I’d need some time off after Christmas so I booked off the first week I could in January. I mostly spent it catching up on sweet sleep (which actually kind of backfired when I couldn’t fall asleep until 5:30am on Saturday…) but I also went to the Trafford Centre for TGI Fridays and the cinema with Louise on Tuesday, and then to the cinema with Kirsty on Saturday. In fact, let me tell you more about that…

Playing Oscars Catchup

On Monday I saw The Revenant, and on Saturday I saw Joy. I’m already on my way to catching up with the Oscar nominees! I’ll be writing up some proper reviews soon but in brief; The Revenant was extremely intense and Leo’s performance was absolutely superb, especially when you remember his character was unable to speak for more than half of the film. If he is snubbed again, it’ll be a travesty. Not too sure on Hardy for supporting actor just yet, and I think the film was a little too drawn out in places for it to merit best picture. As for Joy, I thought the film was fantastic and Jennifer Lawrence was incredible in the role. But I’m already biased towards Leo and Jen anyway, so let the Oscar Catchup continue.


This week everyone has been posting cute and/or embarrassing baby photos as part of ‘Way Back Week.’ My personal favourites that I’ve seen so far are a few of my friends all setting their Facebook profile photos as one of their friends’ Way Back Week photos. Anyway when I saw it this was the first photo to spring to mind, it’s teeny tiny me with my Grandpa telling me some fantastical story. My Grandpa was an awesome dude!

Hotline Savesies

So apparently in Philadelphia they have a bit of a local issue with people digging out parking places when it’s snowy, then putting various household items in said space to save it for themselves for when they come back. This is actually just a little bit illegal, and the Philadelphia Police Department had a bit of an innovative idea of how to combat it. They’ve covered Drake’s Hotline Bling, and frankly I was actually crying with laughter at this video, so please enjoy!

starry stephanie


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