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My Little Wish Box – January


The first box of 2016 is here and it’s a really good one! The theme is ‘wish,’ which is really cute and appropriate for January given all the New Year’s resolutions going around. Speaking of which, the sticker was a wish in itself, “Happy new dreams, happy new year!”

There was even a lovely little wish from the My Little Box team on one side of the box. They’re so lovely!

The little postcard was a quote from Mr. Walt Disney himself, “All our dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them!” Dreaming and wishing is obviously a really strong theme running through everything Disney related so they made a great choice with that.
I was really excited to open up my box and find the most adorable little 2016 diary! (£10 from It’s so cute that I might actually use it, and I’m terrible at using diaries. There was also a little booklet of message bracelets (£6 from They’re kind of more like ribbons than anything, so I don’t think I’ll be giving them to my friends.

1) Mask & Peel Perfection Éclat by Noxidoxi, €24.90 (around £19) per 50ml. Now, the instructions on the back of this thing are completely in French, which I’m still not brilliant at. But from what I can gather, this is just a face scrub, not an actual peel. But you can leave it on your wet face for 5 minutes to make a kind-of mask. It’s meant to help sort out your complexion so I think I’ll give it a go as a face wash.
2) Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water by Ren, £13 for 200ml. Micellar water is all the rage right now. I’m still trying to convince myself my Garnier one from July is better than your standard make-up removing wipes. Maybe I’ll try this one though. Maybe.
3) Make A Wish Lip Balm by My Little Beauty, £7. This lip balm is really hydrating and it smells absolutely amazing – like some kind of cotton candy or some other type of sweet. I’m definitely going to be using lots of this. And maybe even buying some more once it’s all gone…

This might be the best box I’ve ever had. They’ve always said to start as you mean to go on so hopefully the rest of 2016’s going to be as good as this one!

starry stephanie


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