Four For Friday

Four For Friday #32

Four… celebrities I’d invite to a dinner party

1) Joe Trohman

Now, obviously the first thing I thought when I started making this list was, “can I get away with inviting every member of Fall Out Boy?” And I decided no, I definitely can’t. So I had to narrow it down to one. You can’t imagine how long I toiled over this, or how may times I changed my mind, but ultimately I’ve gone with Joe Trohman, the guy who’s basically responsible for the whole band. Joe has a really sharp sense of humour so he’d be fantastic as a dinner guest!

2) Anna Kendrick

As I’ve mentioned before, Anna Kendrick is pretty much definitely my favourite actress, and she has such a huge personality. My friends have said before that they would pick her to play me in a movie of my life, which is so flattering, so I think I’d have to meet her so she can get my character just right.

3) Barack Obama

I’m quite into politics and I think Brobama would bring some highbrow to this celebrity dinner date. Not only that, but he also has a really natural humour about him and he would be able to joke with everyone, as well as being able to have a serious conversation. Plus if we get him drunk enough he might even tell us whether or not aliens exist.

4) Mindy Kaling

With Anna Kendrick, Mindy Kaling is another hilarious comedienne, whose personality I really associate with. She has all sorts of funny anecdotes in her books and I could probably sit and listen to her tell me more stories all night.

This dinner party is, of course, operating on the assumption that we’re ordering pizza. I can’t cook and I’m not going to make my guests turn up with food, now, am I?!
Which four celebrities would you invite to your dinner party? Let me know!


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