My Little Box

My Little Home Box – February



This month’s box turned up a bit earlier than expected, it was a nice surprise to come home to a delivery on Monday!

I had a bit of a hard time peeling the sticker from the outer delivery box, mainly because this month it’s an actual sticker itself..! A bit unconventional, it asks to be stuck on the door to make sure every time you’re going out you haven’t forgotten your keys, phone, travel card, and lipstick. It’s not really something I’m going to stick to my door, though.

The sticker probably counted as one of the lifestyle goodies, and as it is home themed, the two others were a light blue picture frame (£6) and a patterned cushion cover (£10), both available from Also, the postcard was double sided – one side had a Charles Eames quote, “The uncommon beauty of common things,” and the other side had a design of a lady sitting on a sofa with a framed Andy Warhol quote, “All is pretty.”

1) English Leaf Body Cream by Mitchell And Peach, £36 for 180ml. Another body cream, this time the scent is inspired by the English countryside. And by that, apparently they mean it smells like grass. Because it does. Maybe it smells better when you actually put it on but the initial smell doesn’t exactly make me want to rub it on.

2) Mask & Peel Perfection Éclat by Noxidoxi, €24.90 (around £19) per 50ml on Wait a minute. This looks familiar. Yes, this is the exact same item as last month. And the descriptions on the cards are exactly the same, too, with a different design. Not very impressive.

3) Easy Morning Skin Perfecting Cream by My Little Beauty, £10 for 40ml. And another face cream. This one reckons it has a subtle shimmer and hydrates your skin in one minute. It feels quite light, but I can’t see the shimmer, and it’s very barely scented.

Overall another fairly disappointing box, maybe the rush to get it sent out earlier meant they didn’t even realise they had included one of the same items as last month. Or maybe they hoped we wouldn’t notice.

starry stephanie


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