Happy Leap Day!


It’s the 29th of February – today is a Leap Day!
A leap day comes once every four years (if it helps you can think in terms of the Olympic games, which always occur in a leap year) where instead of 365 days we get 366.
This particular Leap Day is a very special one for movie fans all over the world – many of us woke up this morning to find out that Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his first ever Academy Award!

Leonardo DiCaprio

The news of Leo’s win has broken all sorts of Twitter-related records as well, with the minute his win was announced being the most tweeted-about minute of an Oscars broadcast ever. Now that’s impressive. Well done Leonardo!

I digress! The whole point of this post was Leap Day. Leap Day exists because despite what we’re told, the sun doesn’t actually take 365 days to get around the Sun. It takes 365 days, and 6 hours. So by the time four years rolls round we’ve earned up enough lots of 6 hours to have an entire extra day. But because it’s such a relative rarity, people like to get really excited about it.


In 2010 (which, by the way, actually wasn’t a leap year at all, in fact it was smack in the middle of two – 2008 and 2012) a movie starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode came out which focused on one of the main superstitions surrounding Leap Day – the theory that women “are allowed to” propose to their boyfriends on February 29th. Of course, women are allowed to propose to their boyfriends whenever the hell they want to, but some people enjoy the tradition!
And then there are people who were born on February 29th. 1992 was a Leap Year, and so I know a large number of people who are today celebrating their ‘sixth’ birthdays. Happy birthday to you if you fall into that category!

There’s something that feels a little bit magical about Leap Day to me, even though there’s no particular reason for it. And now lastly, here’s a stock image of a Boston Terrier leaping through the air. Because, why not?


starry stephanie


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