My Little Box

My Little Bubble Box – March

This month’s theme is apparently Bubbles, but the only remotely bubble-related thing is… A balloon. I can think of three more bubble-related things they could have used instead. But alright. I suppose the bubblegum sweet colours on the box are bubble themed too, and so is the sticker, a circle sticker which says, “Make it POP!”

So there’s no postcard, probably because of the inclusion of the balloon, but at least the magazine seems a little more well-made now. And no, there’s no listing for the balloon as a purchase from the My Little Corner website. Surprisingly.
The two lifestyle products were a hairbrush (£13) and a makeup applicator sponge (£8) both of which actually are available from The box actually gives you instructions on how to brush your hair. And I don’t use foundation, just powder, so I don’t really have any use for the ‘bubble’ applicator sponge.

There’s an extra beauty item this month to make up for them sending one thing last month, which they had already sent in January.

1) Noir Couture Volume Mascara by Givenchy, RRP £25 per 30ml. This eyeliner looks cool, the brush has white bristles and black bristles which claim to do different things. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but it’s Givenchy so I’m hoping they know what they’re doing with make up.

2) Pschitt Magique by Garancia, €30.50 (around £24) for 100ml or €14.80 (around £11) for 30ml. Aside from spending 10 minutes laughing at the name I put my newfound French skills to the test to try and translate the bottle. Apparently this is some kind of facial peeling spray. I got confused and thought it was for your hair.

3) Bubble Blush Lip and Cheek Tint by My Little Beauty. I tried this lip and cheek tint out on my lips and frankly I’m horrified with the results. I took it off and, hours later, my lips are still hurting. It caused immediate swelling and tingling, completely dried my lips out, and on top of it all, the colour is not very vibrant. Not impressed at all.


4) Swinging London Eyeliner by My Little Beauty, €15 (around £12). This is the extra item thrown in by way of apology for sending the Noxidoxi mask and peel two months in a row. It’s a liquid eyeliner pen – usually I’m all over those but this is really thick like a Sharpie marker pen. I tried drawing a line on my hand and it completely bled as soon as there was a touch of water, so it’s not waterproof in the slightest. I’ll give it a try, but to be honest, it smells as bad as a Sharpie marker does, too.

Once again I’m seriously under impressed by this entire box and I’m really considering canceling my subscription. There was an email questionnaire asking subscribers’ opinions, so hopefully there will be some improvement, but otherwise I’m going to save my money instead of being disappointed more often than I’m happy.

starry stephanie


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