Things From The Week

Things From The Week #27

A New Adventure

So I know it was just the last Things From The Week last month that I told you I’m going to Law School, but now I’ve got even more career related news: I’ve got myself a new job! My current job was my first ever job and I’ve been there for two and a half years so it’s really scary moving on but I’m really excited at the same time!

The Boy

I went to see The Boy with Kirsty this week. We’ve become scary movie buddies. So far we’ve only really seen some pretty pathetic scary movies, but The Boy was brilliant. It’s got a lame title, and I don’t think it’s doing terribly well in the cinema because there are hardly any times for it, but if you’ve been debating watching it, do it! It’s a great plot and really well-acted, it’s a shame it’s not being promoted more. And Walking Dead fans – the main character is played by Lauren Cohan who you probably know as Maggie!

Adele Competition

I got a message out of the blue from Lindsey asking me about my favourite gig memory. Then she revealed it was all a ruse to get a good gig story from me to enter a competition on Facebook for Adele tickets. I’m not a fan, but I was rooting for us to win so that Lindsey could see her, since she missed out on getting tickets. Sadly we didn’t win, but we had fun discussing our gig memories anyway!

Powerpuff Yourself!

Who here used to watch The Powerpuff Girls? I know I did, and I always used to pretend to be Blossom. Well, I found out on Friday that the show is coming back!? And to honour the occasion, some clever dudes created a website where you could make yourself into a Powerpuff Girl. AMAZING. Go forth and Powerpuff yourself. But first, let’s rewatch the titles to get into the spirit!


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