My Little Box

My Little Flower Book – April 

MLB april

Another month, another box. This time, the theme is something a large number of people, myself included, have natural allergies too, yes, the theme is flowers! The first thing I have to point out, however, is that this is less a box, and more a book. I noticed the little ribbon sticking out first, and thought it had been packaged badly, before realising it’s a book! That’s pretty cool. There was no sticker or postcard this time, but there was a little story on the back of the book/box/thing.

Maybe a little weird. I read it after opening the box, so that bit about underwear made more sense, but in retrospect you’re probably looking at it like whaaaaat?
Well let me tell you some more about that. The lingerie pouch you see below (£13) was created in collaboration with Balzac Paris, and literally serves for you to chuck your undies in when you’re going away. It has one segment for your bra and one for your pants, but it doesn’t seem to have been designed with underwires in mind.
The next lifestyle item is an Apartment Garden (£7). I’ve heard of these things before – it’s got seeds inside and you water it and put it in the sunshine, and little plants grow forth. It reminds me of growing a plant from a bean in a wet paper towel in school. I’ll have to try and find somewhere to put it, where it won’t get knocked.

1) Rosy Mornings Detoxifying Mask by My Little Beauty, £11 for 50ml. I really, really, really do not use face masks. This is apparently rich in Vitamin C and cleanses your skin of pollutants and brightens your complexion. It doesn’t even smell of anything, which is disappointing.

2) Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel by L’Occitane En Provence, £15 per 250ml. This shower gel comes in 3 different scents: Roses Et Reines, Pivoile Flora, and the one I received, Cherry Blossom. I know this smells nice before even having to open it, because it has been leaking from somewhere on the bottle. I do like my shower gels, though, and I like L’Occitane, so I will definitely try this.

3) Nail Polish by Nails Inc., £11 for 10ml. This nail polish looks like it’s an adorable pink colour. But on further inspection, the bottle actually tells you this is a base coat. It does go on very smoothly and the brush is lovely and wide enough to sweep your whole nail in one go, but I still don’t understand the point in tinting a base coat.

Whilst this box was better than they have been lately, the back of the box does purport to ‘exceed each and every one of your expectations,’ and I have to refute that claim. Okay, My Little Box, you have my attention for exactly one more month before I decide whether or not to cancel my subscription.

starry stephanie


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