Things From The Week

Things From The Week #28

Star Wars!

After what feels like forever, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has finally come out on DVD and Blu-Ray! It arrived on Monday, so obviously I spent all day sitting around waiting for it. It eventually came quite late, though, and I still haven’t had an opportunity to watch it, mainly because my mum wants to see it too, but won’t actually sit down for long enough to watch. Amazon added something fun to the delivery notification though…

Dosa Express

The last time I ate dosa was when I was exploring my origins, visiting Malaysia, and I never thought anywhere in England would do it – it’s seen as a street stall food. But there’s a place in Manchester called Dosa Express which is actually dedicated to it! It was tasty, but not quite as good as the authentic stuff. Of course.

Haircut Time

I’ve been long overdue a haircut for several months now. So I eventually bit the bullet when my hair salon offered a discount. I know my hair looks a lot healthier and less scraggly, but it also feels so short! Everyone keeps telling me it looks the same length, in fact Kirsty actually said to me, ‘are you sure you got it cut?’ But brushing it makes me sad because the brush used to keep going for several inches where it stops now! But it’s fine, hair grows, right?! At least it still looks long and not ridiculous.

Prince – Purple Rain

This week we lost a legend. I won’t say too much, because I’ve already spiller my heart out in this post dedicated to his music. But if you read that post you’ll remember me mentioning that I wanted to add the music videos, but all the uploads on YouTube were subject to copyright claims. People have since been uploading videos and thankfully so far they’ve been allowed to stay. So enjoy Prince performing his classic Purple Rain live.


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