Four For Friday

Four For Friday #35

Four… Favourite celebrity tweeters

Anna Kendrick – @AnnaKendrick47

I’ve previously been told that people have looked at my tweets and confused them for things Anna Kendrick would say, and vice versa. This is a humongous compliment – to me, anyway. Anna Kendrick is one hilarious lady and it’s hard not to want to favourite every single one of her tweets, or screen shot them and set them as your header!

Carrie Fisher – @carrieffisher

Carrie Fisher, best known as Princess Leia, has only joined Twitter fairly recently and has taken the site by storm. She’s got a very unique style of tweeting – using a combination of letters and emojis, here’s one example:

I once tweeted about how my favourite part of my day is the attempt to decipher her tweets, which she favourited! But below you’ll see probably her most famous tweet, which has already become a bit of a meme…

Chrissy Teigen – @chrissyteigen

I haven’t been following Chrissy Teigen for very long at all. I didn’t really know much about her before a UK TV channel finally started showing US Lip Sync Battle episodes. But she’s hilarious and another one whose tweets I have to stop myself from favouriting every single one of. She’s recently become a mother and is already coming up with witty responses to some of the ridiculous criticism she’s been receiving.

Pete Wentz – @petewentz

At this point, you should probably be surprised if I make a list of best/favourite anything and Fall Out Boy (or a member of) isn’t on there. But this isn’t just favouritism,  Pete Wentz is actually a hilarious tweeter. Admittedly, half the time, I do look at his tweets and just think “????” but when I do know what he’s talking about, he’s brilliant.

Who are your favourite famous tweeters?


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