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Things From The Week #29

My new favourite Facebook page

I don’t remember how it happened but last Saturday I found myself in a Google loop looking up pictures of lambs. And then there was something about ‘the cutest sheep ever’ – the Valais blacknose variety. And frankly, yes, they are absolutely the cutest sheep ever. I found a Facebook page for a Valais blacknose sheep farm in Dumfries and liked it straight away, and now it’s definitely my favourite page. Look at that one lamb who was so excited it fell over!!

Last day of work = cupcakes!

Thursday was my last day at my old job. I really won’t go into much detail because it was not a great day. Basically, I’m very glad to no longer have to be there. But my friend Kirsty brought me a card and an adorable leaving gift of a notebook, some pens, a bar of chocolate, and these yummy fudge cupcakes! I’m going to miss working with her but we drove past each other a couple of times last week and I know we’ll still meet up!

Fuzion Laksa

On Sunday, mum, grandma, and I felt like trying something a little different. We heard of a noodle bar in Manchester called Fuzion, and they did one of our collective favourite dishes, laksa. So we all got one to try! It was really yummy – it tasted a little like my favourite prawn kare lomen from Wagamama! My only downside is that it wasn’t as spicy as I was hoping for from a laksa. But we’ll definitely be going back!

Blink-182 – Bored To Death

One of my all time favourite bands, Blink-182, released a new song earlier this week. It’s called Bored To Death and it’s the first new song without Tom DeLonge, and with Matt Skiba instead. The style is different but the same, and I think it’s really good. But don’t just take my word for it, give it a listen and see for yourself!


6 thoughts on “Things From The Week #29

  1. Such a lovely round up of what you have been getting up to and like lately – how cute is the FB page and cupcakes – totally yum

    Laura x


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