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The ‘Currently’ Tag


There’s a tag going round of filling out a list of what you’re currently doing, and as we all know, I love a good bandwagon, so here we go.

  1. Listening
    I’m listening to the episode of How I Met Your Mother that’s on TV. It’s the one with the hot bartender. So I guess I’ll say I’m listening to Barney’s Suits song from that episode!
  2. Eating
    Nothing, but there’s a bag of cashews in the cupboard in the kitchen and I swear I can hear it calling my name…

    Source: user Femto on Wikipedia
  3. Drinking
    Again, nothing, I’ve just finished a bottle of Coke which I had with my Subway at lunch time, but I’m going to get a cup of water (to have with those cashews) once I finish this post.
  4. Wearing
    Jeans and some sockie things – you know, the ones you wear in ballerina shoes so people don’t really know you’re actually wearing any socks – and a burgundy spotted t-shirt. I was wearing an Aztec print cardigan but I got way too warm, and took it off.

  5. Feeling
    Feeling okay, neither here nor there really. Maybe a little annoyed that I didn’t get more done today than I meant to, but hey – it’s Star Wars day (May the Fourth be with you) and I have a mini-tradition of watching Star Trek!
  6. Weather
    Amazingly, it’s actually sunny outside. The weather has been so temperamental lately that this is probably not going to last long, and if you give it about 20 minutes it’ll likely start snowing. I’m not even joking…img_5870
  7. Wanting
    Honestly I’m really thinking about that bag of cashews right now.
  8. Needing
    Cashews? Nah probably need a nap to be honest. I love a good nap.
  9. Thinking
    Thinking ahead to what I’m going to write next. Blogging every day in May is hard work, man.
  10. Enjoying
    I’m enjoying the challenge though, especially given that I’d hardly been blogging recently, so it’s nice to be putting out more content.

If you fancy doing the tag please go for it – and send me your links so I can have a nosey afterwards!

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