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Four For Friday #36

Four… upcoming gigs

By now you probably know that I’m a huge music fan and I particularly love going to gigs. I’ve always got something lined up! Well now that I’m working 4 days a week and I’m going to have a uni course to think about come October, I kind of feel like I need to squish as many gigs in now before I have to turn into a somewhat responsible grown up. So now I’ve got four shows this month alone..! Here’s who I’m seeing in May.

1) The Summer Set


I only started listening to The Summer Set a few years ago when they supported All Time Low on tour but they were really good and I’ve been to see them every time they’ve been back since. They’re mostly really lovely people too which makes it even nicer when you know you can chat to them like friends after the show and they always remember my friends and I whenever we see them too. So I’m really looking forward to seeing them again!

2) Busted


I have definitely already gushed about how much I loved Busted as a child, and I still do. I saw McBusted a few times when they were touring but it wasn’t quite the same as I always liked Busted more than McFly. So they got back together with Charlie in tow and myself and Jade treated ourselves to OMFG tickets (special, super-close standing tickets right at the front of the stage) to see them. I actually cannot wait, even though they’ve added some weird ‘Pigsty’ thing with people being invited to stand on stage in pig masks which sounds like it would have the potential to ruin the show a bit.

3) Bruce Springsteen


So tickets to go see Bruce were actually a mother’s day present to my mum, but I’m really excited to see him too. As she’s such a big fan, naturally I’ve grown up listening to his music. The tour is a special anniversary tour to mark the release of his album The River. I’ve never actually listened to the album all the way through, so I think I probably ought to fire up my Spotify before we head down!

4) Slam Dunk Festival


Lastly, I’ve been buzzing all year to go to Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds and it’s finally rolling around, this May late bank holiday weekend! I bought my ticket and booked my hotel months ago and it’s finally rolled around and I’m super excited. I love festivals because you get to run around all the stages and see absolutely loads of different bands. I’m most looking forward to seeing the headliners Panic! At The Disco (of course) and Yellowcard who are playing their album Ocean Avenue in full, as well as a few newer bands like Roam and Trash Boat. I have tickets to the afterparty, and I know quite a number of people who are going, so it’s sure to be a really good weekend!

Beyond that I’m still debating whether or not to get a day ticket to the day of Leeds Festival where Fall Out Boy are headlining, or instead to the Glasgow Summer Sessions where they’re supporting Biffy Clyro. I’m leaning more towards Leeds because obviously I’ve been before, and they’re actually headlining rather than supporting. Either way it’s all about FOB. Naturally!

Have you got any gigs or festivals coming up? Let me know!

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