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Favourite Movies Part I


Inception is a 2010 Christopher Nolan sci-fi thriller following four main characters- Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Ariadne (Ellen Page), and Eames (Tom Hardy). Cobb is a thief who sets out to get into the subconscious of his victims to steal their ideas. He is given the chance to wipe his criminal record if he agrees to use his method in order to do something he’s never done before – enter someone’s subconscious and plant an idea there.

I first heard some really mixed reviews about this movie so I didn’t bother seeing it in the cinema. It was quite a big meme that people had no clue what was going on, and a few people told me they had fallen asleep. I still believed in the power of the DiCaprio, though, and it’s a good job I did because Inception became one of my favourite movies when I eventually got the DVD for Christmas and watched it that day.
The storyline is really novel and I’m really into the concept of lucid dreaming and the subconscious (I am a Psychology graduate after all) so it really appealed to me, not least because it starred a number of my favourite actors and was done by one of my favourite directors.

It’s also one of those films that got everyone talking – and to be honest, even now, six years on, people are still discussing the end of the movie. Cobb has a spinning top that acts to let him know whether he’s in real life (if it stops spinning) or a dream world (if it keeps going). At the end of the movie, without revealing too much, we see him in a situation he has been hoping for throughout the whole thing, and the closing shot is of the top, spinning. It starts to waver, but it cuts off before it actually falls. There are fan theories all over the internet, some more sensible, and some sublime – suggesting that all of Leonardo’s films are all somehow connected to one another and he is always the same character in a different scenario.

Have you seen Inception? Did you enjoy it? How did you interpret that open ending?

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