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Slam Dunk Style

slam dunk style

If, by some extremely strange error you’ve managed to miss it – I’m going to Slam Dunk festival for the first time later this month! It’s basically the UK’s answer to Warped Tour, with the featured acts mostly heavily rooted in pop punk. Basically my nirvana, right? No, I can’t work out why I’ve never been before, either. I wanted to give an insight to the type of thing I would wear to such a festival so I’ve put this together. As I was doing it, I realised that I actually already own a lot of these things, so I might even really wear these to the show itself.
There’s a certain style you come to expect from the type of people who listen to pop punk music. Skinny jeans, snapbacks, baseball tees… I’m not ashamed to admit that I fit quite firmly into that stereotype. I’ve even discussed it here, when I took a load of different pop punk related quizzes on a website called Popbuzz. These really are some staple pieces that you can find in any person from this kind of scene’s wardrobe.

1) MOTO Black Ripped Joni Jeans – £38 from Topshop
2) Navy Contrast Lace Up Plimsolls – £10.99 from New Look
3) Chicago Bulls Mitchell & Ness Snapback Cap – £21.63 from Amazon
4) Red Baseball Shirt – £7.99 from H&M
5) Black PU Bomber Jacket – £55 from Next

I don’t actually own any ripped jeans, and I’ve always wondered why anyone would buy jeans with rips already in them. But now that I’m older and paying for my own pairs of jeans I completely understand it – I do not want to take a pair of scissors to any of the jeans I already have!
Normally I would wear a pair of black boots, but seeing as how it’s nearly summer now, it only makes sense to let the feet have a break. I love these plimsoll trainers because they’re so comfy, but also really practical. God I sound old.
I actually follow the Chicago Bulls and I have done from a very young age, but I know a Bulls snapback has always been a bit of a fashion piece. I have one, because my brother got me one for my birthday one year. This, however, is something I would debate wearing, because they are generally worn quite loose and that makes it a liability in a large crowd of jumping people.
Baseball tees are perfect – they’ve got a bit of a sleeve but not too much that it becomes annoying, and at the same time they’re thin so you aren’t left feeling hot and sticky. Perfect.
Lastly I would round off the look with my staple, trusty, (faux) leather jacket. This is something else I would debate wearing. It gets really hot at inside gigs even if you aren’t getting into the pit. However, the way the festival is laid out means you may need to walk quite a way between different stages, and also the main stage is outdoors anyway. The good thing is a jacket can always be tied around your waist when you don’t need it!

Are you heading to Slam Dunk this month? What would you wear for it?

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