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My Little Dolce Vita Box – May


This month the theme for My Little Box is Dolce Vita, which translates to ‘Sweet Life.’ There’s a distinctly Italian theme running through this box, and that’s emphasised by the postcard which says, “Everything sounds better in Italian.” Although, that said, I’m not sure I prefer “baci baci” over just saying, “kisses!”

But yes, this month saw the return of the postcard. With the theme being Dolce Vita, I thought there would be more of a focus on lifestyle products, but this time there were only two. And they were quite hit and miss. That is to say, one was a hit, massively so, but the other was a gigantic miss.

The one thing about the lifestyle products this time around is how they were packaged very nicely. They were both in their own boxes which were both brightly coloured and had Italian-themed captions, as it were.
Firstly is the ‘turban’ (£11). Its box said ‘Rome is on my mind,’ although I don’t really see what it has to do with Rome. I digress, the back of the box gives you four different ways to wear the ‘turban.’ Around a bun, around your wrist, around your head, Rambo-style, or around your head like how I tried it in the photo below.


I found the ‘turban’ – okay, wait, I’m going to stop calling it a turban, because that is not what it is. It’s a hairband. So, I found the hairband to be really quite tight fitting, and instead of making it stay on better, it only served to make it fall backwards off my head. You can also see how it’s bunching my hair up and making it look really squished towards the back. No. I’m not a fan of this glorified headband.
Next up, however, is the fern ring (£12), which is a completely different story. As soon as you open up the ring box, which says ‘Ciao, bella’ on the lid, you see this gloriously cute little ring. It’s very simple yet delicate and it’s perfect. I’m not a ring person but I’ve been wearing this since I opened it. It’s a little bit loose for me, but it looks like you could just give it a push to tighten it or pull it to make it bigger if you needed. My only two issues are that this is clearly costume jewellery so an allergic reaction is almost guaranteed at some point. Secondly you can tell it’s plated, and that the plating is eventually going to flake off. But whilst it’s still nice, I’m going to keep enjoying it.


1) Croisière Céladon Body Oil by Baija, €16.90 (approx £13) per 50ml. I still don’t really understand what body oils are unless it’s in the context of a massage. But apparently this one has something to do with green tea, which I don’t exactly want to be spreading all over my body?

2) Summer Sunbathing Illuminating Moisturiser For Legs by My Little Beauty, £8.
As soon as I unpacked this, I thought, fantastic! My legs are looking scaly at the moment, and I definitely need to rub some moisturiser on them. But upon further inspection I realise this is actually a gradual tanning cream. I haven’t had the best luck with gradual tanners in the past. Being beyond pale means even the slightest tint can make you go bright orange.

3) La Fille De L’Air by Courréges, €69 (approx £54) per 50ml. This perfume smells amazing. I read the description of the scent (orange blossom and bergamot) and decided that I could gift this to my mum, but then I opened it and selfishly wanted to keep it. Then I saw that it was €69 for a 50ml bottle and figured it should probably be stored in some kind of safe lock box, seeing as how it must be made of actual gold, or something.

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