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The Blogger Friend Tag

Whilst looking around for Blog Every Day In May post ideas to fill the 31 days, I came across a Blogger Friend Tag which a lot of different people had done. Since Laura and I decided to partner up for the challenge we thought we’d do a bit of a collaborative post, and take part in the tag! It was designed for people to take together, but since we live so far apart we thought we’d mix the questions up slightly, and quietly answer them about each other. You can read Laura’s answers about me below, and head over to her post to see what I said about her! Hope you enjoy – we had fun answering these!

  • How and when did you meet?
Laura: We met at work in 2014, we clicked pretty much straight away when we realised we both loved blogging & YouTube.
Stephanie: Yes! 

  • What’s your favourite memory together?
L: Going on a road trip to Cheshire Oaks & having Wagamamas!
S: This is my favourite memory too ❤ 

  • Describe each other in one word.
L: FOBsessed haha
S: I would absolutely have to agree, haha… 

  • What’s their dream job?
L: She’s going to Law School in October (so clever!!) & I remember her telling me she would like to be a diplomat one day, like her Dad 🙂
S: Spot on! 

  • What’s their favourite makeup brand?
L: I know she loves Lancome!
S: True, and I hold my mum totally responsible for this. 

  • What is something that annoys you about the other person?
L: We live too far away from each other these days 😦 oh & she’s annoyingly organised when it comes to blogging everyday, which puts me to shame!
S: So far away 😦 as for being organised – don’t worry, I’m constantly surprising myself too! 

  • If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
L: I’ve just read her answer & absolutely 100% yes it has to be a road trip together around California, we would be living the dream.
S: Cheat! It’s true though!

  • Favourite inside joke?
L: Haha probably something about work!
S: I said this too, so yeah definitely!

  • Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
L: Probably me because I faff around for ages & procrastinate!
S: Also I can get ready in like 15 minutes on days when I really can’t be bothered, so I agree.

  • Their favourite season?
L: Summer!?
S: Wronnng! It’s actually autumn!

  • Their favourite song?
L: Anything by Fall Out Boy!
S: It honestly changes multiple times a day, but a FOB song is usually a safe bet.
Processed with Rookie Cam
We tried, so hard, to get a cute group selfie, but Tilly was having none of it.
  • Do they prefer heels or flats?
L: I’m pretty sure she prefers flats.
S: Yep, definitely – I can’t even walk in heels…

  • Do they prefer pants or dresses?
L: I know she likes to wear pretty dresses on nights out but I’m sure she would rather wear a pair of jeans most of the time!
S: I’m definitely a jeans girl!

  • What’s their favourite animal?
L: I reckon Penguins!
S: I do love penguins, but I would probably say lambs!

  • If their house was burning down, and their entire family was sure to be okay, what would they save and why?
L: All of her band merch!
S: Hahaha! Yes! And all my gadgets, too!

  • Do they prefer comedies, horrors, or chick-flicks?
L: Omg I don’t know, horrors or comedies!? I’ll say comedies!
S: I love rom-coms, so I’ll give you that one!

  • Are they team Samsung or team iPhone?
L: iPhone! Apple fangirls ❤
S: Samsung are good for their tellies and not much else. Yeah, I said it.

  • What’s their favourite movie?
L: Okay I kinda cheated on this one but she’s just done a favourite movie post so it’s Inception! I still need to watch that!
S: Oooh more cheating! How have you never watched Inception?! I think a movie night is in order!

  • What is something weird that they eat/don’t eat?
L: She eats prawns & anyone that eats prawns is weird in my opinion haha.
S: You’re the weirdo, you non-prawn eater.

  • Do you guys have anything matching?
L: Fall Out Boy Albums!
S: This is how I will be remembered.

  • What’s their favourite TV show?
L: Oooh I don’t know! I feel like such a bad friend, oops!
S: Aww no, don’t, because I don’t really have a favourite TV show!

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