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Four For Friday #37

Four… favourite recent Eurovision songs

This weekend one of my favourite annual events is coming up… that’s right, it’s Eurovision time! In honour of the occasion I thought I’d look back on recent years and share some of my favourite songs. Enjoy!

IRELAND 2011 — Jedward – Lipstick

Jedward (John & Edward) were already fairly popular in the UK at this point, having gone through the various stages of The X Factor, but not quite winning. They are a very Eurovision-style act so it’s no surprise they took part twice. Lipstick is such a catchy song that naturally it was the first one I thought of!

SWEDEN 2012 — Loreen – Euphoria

This song actually went and won Eurovision, with the 2013 competition being held in Malmö. This is the type of song you’d expect to hear on the radio, not the Eurovision Song Contest, which is probably why it won.

FRANCE 2014 — Twin Twin – Moustache

This song started off so weirdly, but by the chorus everyone was bopping around singing about how much they want a moustache. Sadly they only mustered a measly 2 points… damn Eurovision bureaucrats taking the competition seriously..!

SWEDEN 2015 — Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes

Sweden won again last year with this song, Heroes. The music video playing behind him seemed to work in tandem with his own dance moves. It was extremely impressive, and everyone else clearly thought so too, as this year’s competition heads to Stockholm! The grand finale is Saturday, will you be watching?!

BONUS – the 2011 caterpillar

I went mad on Twitter in 2011 for this little caterpillar exploring the world in 2011. He was the mascot of Eurovision that year, and when he spoiler alert transformed into a butterfly that butterfly was a running theme throughout the show. Everyone who knows me knows how much I loved that caterpillar!


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