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Eurovision 2016


Last year I came up with 3 words to describe each Eurovision act, and I had so much fun doing so, that I thought I would do the same again this year!
Sweden won last year, and the theme is ‘Come Together,’ which I like, except they’ve somehow used this as justification to add Australia to the line up again. Oh well. I’ll let their performance decide for me.

1) Belgium Isn’t this ‘Sax’?!

2) Czech Republic I’m ALREADY bored

3) Netherlands Countrify it, brother!

4) Azerbaijan Strong independent woman


6) Italy Save the Earth?

7) Israel Israeli Adam Lambert

8) Bulgaria Light up pads!

9) Sweden It has potential

10) Germany Laser beam trees!

11) France Having a dance

12) Poland Moody and gothic

13) Australia Nowhere. Near. Europe.

14) Cyprus A rock band!!!!!

15) Serbia Weird twisty dancing

16) Lithuania Kinda fun maybe?

17) Croatia OMG its Björk!

18) Russia Some amazing props

19) Spain YAY YAY YAY!

20) Latvia Good fashion sense

21) Ukraine Is she okay?

22) Malta FACE, IN STAGE

23) Georgia A Gallagher brother?

24) Austria French? In Austria?


26) Armenia Well, it’s finished.

My favourite act of the night had to be Cyprus, and my least favourite was Ukraine, but by the end of the night when it was between Australia and Ukraine to win, I had to support Ukraine. I’m just so opposed to a country nowhere near Europe winning a European song contest. 😦 also, I was disappointed at how serious all the acts were taking the competition. Where were all the hilarious and quirky acts?!

starry stephanie


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