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Things From The Week #31

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Chicken Satay & Bad Neighbours 2

On Wednesday Louise and I went to see Bad Neighbours 2. It was quite a funny movie, we’re pretty sure it was better than the first one. We went for dinner beforehand, too, because we haven’t been out for dinner in so long. There’s a really nice Chinese restaurant by our cinema, so we went there. Whenever we go, we always get the same things, every time: I get chicken & sweetcorn soup, and then sweet and sour chicken with boiled rice for my main; Louise gets spring rolls, and chicken in black bean sauce with fried rice. So we decided to switch it up, just a little. We still got the same old starters, but this time Lou got the sweet and sour chicken and I ordered satay chicken. However, this is what arrived. I’m pretty sure satay chicken usually comes with a peanuts sauce, but I was assured this was definitely satay. So I won’t be ordering that again..!


A while back I got in touch with Flashsticks asking if I could review their product. They finally got back to me and have very kindly sent me a pack of beginner’s British Sign Language! I love languages and I’ve always been amazed watching people speak sign language, so I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in using their methods. Look out for my review of this in the coming weeks!

Sky Q

On Saturday I finally got Sky Q installed! The engineer was really friendly and got it all set up and ready to go super quickly. I love the fancy new remote – that big black circle is a touch pad! And the best part is that with the subscription you get a second mini box, which basically acts as Multiroom – so I finally have live TV in my room! Just as I was debating getting Apple TV, as well..!

Minus One – Alter Ego

Alright, I really promise this is the last time I will bang on about Eurovision until next year, but as we all know by now, my favourite annual musical event took place on Saturday and I’m still feeling quite sad it’s all over again for another year. I was really worried because it looked like Australia were going to win for a good while there, but Ukraine just edged them out thanks to the new voting system (which I still don’t entirely understand if I’m being honest.) I didn’t like the winning song, though, so I figured instead I would share my favourite entry. This year everyone was taking it a bit too seriously so since there were no OTT cheeseball acts, I’ve had to support a rock band instead. Enjoy!

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