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Knowing When To Let Go

This is a post I’ve been thinking about writing for a while, formulating it in my head, and even debating whether or not to post it at all. But ultimately, I’ve recently had a number of friends experiencing the same issue, which makes me wonder how many other people are struggling and needing some help with it all.

It can be really painful when you’re trying really hard to keep a friendship alive but your friend isn’t reciprocating your efforts. And sometimes, as difficult and awful as it may seem, you just need to let go. You need to think about your own mental state as well as your own feelings. It’s just not healthy to keep someone around who doesn’t give you the effort you deserve as a friend.

This is something I’ve been dealing with lately, too. One of my best friends just doesn’t seem interested in keeping in touch anymore. It took a long time to get to grips with that but now I’ve accepted it. I can’t keep texting her, trying to make plans, to continually be given some kind of excuse. I’ve left the door open, of course, in case she decides that she wants to make an effort some time, but I’m also not keeping my hopes up. It’s sad because we had been best friends for so long but it really is something you can feel happening. And I recently found out something quite large, through a mutual friend, which really should have come from her, herself.

You don’t need people in your life who are just going to constantly let you down. Please do not see it as a reflection on yourself. The problem lies with that person who just can’t be bothered. Don’t dwell on an unhealthy relationship for nostalgic reasons. You deserve so much better.

(That all got a bit serious very quickly so let’s end the post on a weird stock photo, because who doesn’t love those?)

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