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Snapchat Filters

snapchat filters
We all know about Snapchat filters. Even if you don’t have Snapchat, or if you have it, but don’t use it, you know about Snapchat filters. You’ve seen them on people’s profile pictures, on their selfies. Sometimes they’re incredibly subtle and you don’t even know you’re looking at one. I love the filters (for the most part), so I wanted to create a ranking of the ones I’ve used so far.

Note: none of the titles I’ve given these filters are actually official names, I’m just naming them because it’s easier.

#1 – Rainbow Vomit

Rainbow Vomit is far and away my favourite filter. I rejoice every time it comes back and feel dejected again every time it leaves. There’s just something so joyful about a filter that makes your cheeks rosy, your eyes bulge, and sparkly, rainbow vomit flow from your open mouth.

#2 – Flower Crown

The best Snapchat filters are the ones which actually help to make you look cute. Flower Crown fills this role brilliantly – it can make anybody look cute. It adds a white-ish filter to help even your complexion, and who doesn’t love a good crown made of flowers?!

#3 – Kawaii

Kawaii is another filter which serves to make you look extremely cute. It adds a slightly pinky tint, and I’m not entirely sure, but I think it slims your face and enlarges your eyes slightly. It’s just a really cute filter.

#4 – Flower Holiday

This was a really popular filter when it first came out, but I haven’t seen it since. It has a palm leaf fanning you and a little flower in your hair. It makes you feel like you’re on holiday even though you’re probably at your desk in rainy England.

#5 – Unicorn

Unicorn is like Rainbow Vomit but with the addition of unicorn ears and a horn. It’s not quite as good as Rainbow Vomit, though, because the rainbow is not as bright and it doesn’t make your cheeks rosy.

#6 – Pilot

I’m one of those people who grew up thinking they wanted to get into every profession under the sun. So the chance to effectively live out one of those, as a pilot on a Snapchat filter, is life-altering. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that important, but hello! You get a MOUSTACHE!

#7 – GROOT!

Randomly out of nowhere one day, Groot came along as a filter. It’s not a sponsored filter or anything, it’s not promoting the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie or DVD at all, it just appeared. But it was fantastic, even if it confused people who knew nothing about Groot.

#8 – Universe Alien

The first of two alien themed filters, Universe Alien sees your face transformed into the shape of the alien emoji – big eyes and a skinny mouth. It also adds the universe around you, with stars and everything, just to really make you feel Out Of This World.

#9 – Photo Face Swap

Face Swaps really are taking the world by storm at the moment but the filter where you actually get two people in the frame and swap their faces is a bit restrictive. I much prefer the one where you can swap with faces from your Camera Roll. I swapped with Pete Wentz in my example photo. So beautiful.

#10 – Jungle Explorer

This one is relatively new, it makes me think of Tarzan a little bit. You turn into an explorer of the great jungles, and if you open your mouth, you might even spot some wildlife – until they break your glasses, that is.

#11 – Wild, Wild, West

There were actually two very similar cowboy themed filters at the same time a few weeks ago – there was this one, with your face on a Wanted poster, and another one where you have a gun fight. I preferred the gun fight one, but it works best as a video so I couldn’t really add it here.

#12 – Doggy


I would probably go ahead and say this is the most well-known filter, which is why it’s so far down in my list. I think it would be difficult to scroll through a Facebook or Twitter feed without seeing the Doggy filter used at least once. It was fun, but it’s time to retire it already.

#13 – Alien Eyes


This is quite a weird filter, it’s like the Universe Alien’s weird younger sibling. It bugs out your eyes and makes them glow different colours, but you have to be really exact with your timing if you want it a specific colour. It took so many attempts to get the pink eyes. And the filter doesn’t always line up exactly so you end up with half of your actual eye colour showing.

#14 – Squished Face



I don’t really like any of the filters that alter your facial features – the one which turned replaced your eyes with your mouth gave me nightmares for days. It’s so bad I couldn’t even feature it, but this one is almost as bad, so it’ll do as a substitute.

#15 – Cat Hat


Honestly, the absolute worst filter I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who came up with it, or why, or who approved it to be put to the public. But it puts a cat on your head and it’s truly horrendous. Eurgh.

So there you have it – my favourite, and least favourite, Snapchat filters! Do you have a favourite? Is it the Cat Hat? You can tell me, it’s fine. I won’t judge you much.

Processed with Rookie Camstarry stephanie


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