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Four For Friday #38

Four… Favourite Busted Videos

I’m really super excited because tomorrow I’m going to see Busted for the first time ever! I’ve loved them since they first started getting big but I never got the chance to see them live, living abroad. To celebrate I wanted to share four of my favourite Busted music videos!

What I Go To School For

Ahh, the original, the classic. What I Go To School For was Busted’s debut single about Matt’s real life crush on one of his teachers. The video really endeared the cheeky trio to a nation of young girls, who found a place in millions of hearts (including mine).

You Said No

I remember when this song originally came out – it’s listed on my CD as ‘Crash and Burn’ and I was really excited because it was one of my favourites. However its release was delayed a bit because the day before it was meant to come out, because of the Columbia Shuttle disaster.

Thunderbirds Are Go!

I kind of grew up watching Thunderbirds, my dad and brother loved the show but honestly I was a little scared of the puppets. In 2004 they released a live action movie version, and my dad was super excited to go and see it. I wasn’t convinced, until they announced Busted were doing the theme tune! Dad managed to drag me along to see it and we both ended up really enjoying it. He even liked the song by ‘The Busteds’.

Year 3000

Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite Busted song, and probably one of my favourite songs of all time, too. The little boy in the video is actually James’ younger brother – I used to love amazing people with that fact until it just became common knowledge and nobody cared anymore. The Jonas Brothers did a cover of this song, and around 2012 there was a meme going round, “Don’t worry about the world ending this year. The Jonas Brothers have already been to the Year 3000.” And all the Busted fans crawled out from under their rocks in uproar! But since they had long since split up, there wasn’t much to be said. But they’re back together now, and of course they’ll be playing this on tour.

Are you going to see Busted on their reunion tour? What song are you most hoping to hear?

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