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Things From The Week #32

Deadpool is the best X-Man

On Wednesday, Louise and I went to see X-Men: Apocalypse. It was so good, I’d go as far as to say that it was probably on a level with its two predecessors. And Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark) did an amazing job as Jean Grey – her American accent was impressive too. I went in my new Deadpool t-shirt because obviously he’s the best X-Man. Even if the other X-Men disagree.

Chocolate Drama

Almost everyone I know lost their minds over this chart supposedly ranking the best chocolate bars. I for one disagree with most of these rankings – Kinder Bueno needs to be higher, and Boost needs to be much, much lower – but one in particular really annoyed me. Bounties are incredible and do not belong anywhere near the tier they’re on. I’m offended.


This one has been a long time coming. On Saturday I finally got to see my favourite band from my childhood play live. It was a pretty emotional experience but also so much fun. I was so sad when it was over but I looked back over my photos and they’re pretty much all of Charlie because we were directly in front of him. I’m not complaining cause he was always my fave and I followed his solo career too!

Star Trek Teaser Trailer

When it was announced that there was going to be a new Star Trek series, I was a bit concerned. There’s a huge risk involved when you reboot a classic favourite. I know it’s only a teaser trailer and you don’t actually see anything, but at least it’s not filled me with dread – it actually looks like it’s going to be quite a good show, and I’m quite excited for it!


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