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Busted at the Manchester Arena

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Busted are finally back together and touring again, and twenty-somethings up and down the country are losing their minds seeing three men perform together again, something that seemed near-impossible. Well, it is called the ‘Pigs Can Fly’ tour, after all. And there was even a flying pig to show for it…


I splurged and got OMFG standing tickets (because heeellooo, it’s not every day your favourite childhood band rise from the dead) so I didn’t really see what the pig did throughout the show – I just saw it float overhead as it came out from backstage. Weird.


Support came from Emma Blackery, who I had never heard of, but was reliably informed (by Google) that she is a YouTuber. Isn’t she in that Avon advert..? Anyway, after her were another band from my childhood – Wheatus! I feel quite bad for them in the respect that most people only seemed to know Teenage Dirtbag, but at the same time they could have helped themselves and played some of the more well-known songs. And to be fair to Teenage Dirtbag, it is an anthem and it really got everyone pumped for the main act.

Busted usually open up with Air Hostess, so people were a bit uncertain when they changed the formula and opened with Coming Home, their first song in 12 years, instead. As a skeptic of the song, I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. Everyone cheered as each member sang their first verse but, understandably, the loudest cheers were for everybody’s my favourite member, Charlie. In fact, I picked my spot right in front of Charlie’s microphone and it was an amazing decision. Almost all of my photos from the night are of him, in fact. I regret nothing. And for people who didn’t quite appreciate Coming Home, Air Hostess was the second track they played, anyway.


Half way through the show the guys retired to the B-Stage for a few songs, including another new song, called Easy. When they came back to the main stage after this, they played the last of the three new songs they would play, One Of A Kind. The high energy continued all the way through the show and it really was such a special event.

I’m so glad I finally got to see one of my all time favourite bands play live, and they’re playing in Manchester again on June 3rd, and I’m honestly seriously debating going again…

Welcome back Busted, I already can’t wait for your new album (number three, four to go til number 7) – I really hope you’re still around in the Year 3000. ❤

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