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An A-Z of Bands to see Live


A – A Day To Remember

ADTR are an awesome live band, they really amp the crowd up, even people who may not necessarily be completely convinced on their music. Just try not to get stuck in a mosh pit – unless you’re into that kind of thing!

B – Blink-182

Admittedly I haven’t seen Blink since Tom DeLonge left and Matt Skiba joined, but I did see them after they got back together, and I can confirm they’re still good. Not out of breath little old men like you might expect.

C – The Courteeners

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen them live in Manchester, and bands’ home city shows tend to be that little bit more incredible than normal, but The Courteeners are a band I would never miss when they came to town.

D – Don Broco

Admittedly I’ve only recently gotten into the Broco and haven’t had the opportunity to see them live yet. But I’d love to see them because their songs are just so easy to dance to.

E – Enter Shikari

You have to see Enter Shikari live at least once in your life, even if you only go for Sorry, You’re Not A Winner just for the bit where everyone in the entire crowd claps along. Amazing atmosphere!

F – Foals

Another band I’ve not yet seen live, Foals have some incredible hits and seem like they’d be able to work a crowd really well.

G – Good Charlotte

GC supported All Time Low on their most recent UK tour, and brought out all the hits. If they can be that as amazing as a support act, I can only imagine what they’d be like on a headline tour!

H – Hall & Oates

I love the good old 80’s music and if an opportunity ever came up to see Hall & Oates I would absolutely be on that. YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! OOOH! OOH-OOH-OOOH!

I – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons played in a small venue when I saw them but you could just tell they’re not a small venue band. There was a moment when the lead singer got a huge drum and just started drumming away and it was truly mesmerising.

J – Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World are that band that are known for that one song. You know the one. The Middle is a true anthem and I love the kinds of songs that get everyone in the room chanting every single world.

K – Kids In Glass Houses

Sadly no longer with us as a band, KIGH sure knew how to throw a party. Even when their later albums didn’t quite meet the same standards as the earlier ones, the mood of the crowd was always just a happy one.

L – Linkin Park

Another band whose anthems are set to get any crowd excited, I would love to get the chance to see Linkin Park live.

M – Motion City Soundtrack

MCS are a band that have always kind of been there, and you never think they’ll split up, and then they announce they’re going ‘on hiatus’ and you just know that means they won’t get back together. Such a shame, but I hold onto hope I can see them some day!

N – New Found Glory

I’m finally getting to see NFG on Saturday at Slam Dunk Festival and I couldn’t be more excited! When I saw Blink-182 at Leeds Festival in 2010, the morning before they played, some fellow campers started singing My Friends Over You until one of them realised “wait, that’s not a Blink-182 song!”

O – One Direction

I know. No really, I know. But imagine seeing a band who can sell out stadiums who aren’t already years past their prime?

P – Panic! At The Disco

I know for a fact that Brendon Urie likes to backflip off speakers during their shows, so I’m incredibly excited to finally get to see P!ATD on Saturday.

Q – Queen

I wish I had been able to see Queen as they were, but Freddie Mercury died before I was even born. I grew up listening to their music but nothing now will ever compare to what I can only imagine a Queen show pre-1991 was.


Yeah, watching well-established bands is great and all, but there’s always a certain level of comfort and complacency. With newer bands like ROAM they’re still trying to win the crowds over so the energy is hectic and a lot of times it can actually be more fun!

S – State Champs

I thought for sure State Champs would be added to the Slam Dunk line-up at some point but it seems that wasn’t to be – they’re playing Leeds Festival instead. But their video for Elevated shows them running around at Warped Tour and their great sense of humour means their performances must be awesome.

T – Twenty One Pilots

I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to like Twenty One Pilots at first and I have to admit that seeing them live swayed me. They’re incredible, jumping around the stage and getting the crowd to hold up both of them and their drums and they continue to play in the crowd. It’s madness, and so much fun at the same time.

U – U2

Okay no, sorry. I just neeeded a band to put in for the letter U.

V – The Verve

Ditto above. Although I do like Bittersweet Symphony.

W – Weezer

Another really crazy band, when I saw Weezer at Leeds Festival in 2010 the lead singer Rivers Cuomo climbed the frame of the stage and then proceeded to run through the back area with security chasing him. It was bonkers.

X – Xzibit

I dunno. I’m really running out here.

Y – Yellowcard

My favourite thing about festivals is just how many bands you get to see. Yellowcard are another band I’m seeing this weekend, and to top it all off they’re playing all of the Ocean Avenue album in full. I can’t wait!

Z – Zebrahead

I’m hoping to be able to see Zebrahead on Saturday too, because any band with a song called the Anthem somehow manages to make a bona fide anthem. Even if their sound is a mix of genres and the rapping parts are hard to sing along to.

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