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Four For Friday #39

Four… bands I’m seeing at Slam Dunk

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know by now how excited I am to be heading to Slam Dunk festival this weekend. The line up is always so vast and they try and fit it all into such a small space of time, but I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out who I’m seeing, and at what time. Since I’m so excited I wanted to share some of the bands I’m seeing with you – maybe I’ll even see some of you there?!

Trash Boat

I’ve always had sort of a hipster complex about wanting to find out about smaller bands first so I can say I liked them before they got big. I kind of missed the buck with these guys though, cause Trash Boat are already massively on their way up. This song, Strangers, features Dan Campbell (Soupy) from The Wonder Years – a fact I never even realised until I saw the video. On another note, I paused the video for a good five minutes for the first time I saw it, to tell anyone who would listen that I’d spotted Andy Hurley on a poster in the background. Fun fact for you there.


I’ve been a fan of Yellowcard for years now, because Fall Out Boy said they were one of their biggest influences. I know. But I listened to them and recognised a couple of songs, so I kept listening to them and now I finally get to see them live! They’re playing the whole of the Ocean Avenue album in full which is just going to be amazing.

New Found Glory

New Found Glory are another band I’ve been listening to for years. I’ve got to admit that I’ve kind of pinched them from my brother – okay, I’ve pinched quite a lot of my music taste from him.

Panic! At The Disco

Even though Panic! At The Disco these days is more like Brendon! At The Disco, they still play all the classics, and every P!ATD song makes me want to dance, so I can tell their set is going to be amazing!


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