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Slam Dunk North 2016

On Saturday May 28th, Slam Dunk held the first day of its tenth annual festival in Leeds. There were 8 stages with around 7 acts per stage, so absolutely loads of bands to go and see, and so many difficult clash decisions to make.


Getting your wristband in exchange for your ticket was the first port of call – unless you attended the pre-party the night before, like we did. Good job, too, because the queue was extremely long. One of my friends was stuck in said queue and missed the first two acts on the main stage (so I spent all of Young Guns’ set FaceTiming her. I’m such a top friend).



I was having a really great day with my friends, despite the really overpriced… well, everything… (£5 for a pint of cider! What?!) First we saw Moose Blood, then Young Guns, then headed away from the main stage to see As It Is, then went back for Yellowcard, stayed for a little bit of Mallory Knox before heading off to get pizza, then New Found Glory, and finally the headliners Panic! At The Disco.


I was having such a great time that I only updated my Snapchat a couple of times, but I think the two photos I saved really summed quite a lot up:

Yeah, so I was very excited for Panic! At The Disco all day, since they’re one of my all time favourite bands and I’ve never had the chance to actually see them before, but there was one thing which really ruined my day. Panic! and Yellowcard were the main reasons I bought my ticket. Yellowcard were supposed to play the whole of their Ocean Avenue album in full, but were stitched up by the sound guys and their technical difficulties. Because of this, they only got to play about five songs. What they did play was incredible, and they’re such an amazing live band, that it really is SUCH a shame they didn’t get to do the whole thing. The worst thing is people being smart on Twitter trying to get arsey at the band – they apologised profusely a number of times, and it wasn’t even their fault. The problems really did dampen my day after that, and I couldn’t even enjoy New Found Glory properly because I was still so upset.


Thankfully everything changed as soon as Brendon Urie and the rest of P!ATD stepped on stage. They were amazing and truly did live up to my expecations – in fact, they exceeded them. Brendon potentially sounds even better live than he does recorded on the albums. I finally got to see the famous stage backflip, as well as their beautiful cover of ‘this song we just wrote backstage’ – Bohemain Rhapsody. I may have had beer (god, I really hope it was beer) chucked all over me and been elbowed in the head a number of times but I really do love live music.

All in all, though, I’m not terribly sure whether I will be going back next year. It depends on whether or not they get one of my favourite bands as a headliner – but they would need to do so much to improve the various problems they encountered, and barely even addressed afterwards.

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