Celebrating the Fourth of July (…as a Brit…)


Today is the Fourth of July! To a lot of us it’s the one day in the whole year where Americans actually say the date the right way round (not trying to tell you how to live your life, but wouldn’t you normally say “July Fourth”?!) Of course its Independence Day, and as Brits, there’s not much cause to celebrate the day free movement into the USA turned into a long and complicated process. But if you’re feeling particularly sympathetic, or just looking for an excuse to celebrate something (because between leaving the EU AND exiting the European Championships, celebrations have been a bit thin on the ground lately) don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Walk around proclaiming “Freedom!” all day


This may get you a number of questions and/or funny looks in the UK, but this is how our friends across the pond are spending the day, so it’s the easiest way to fit in. It’s also a lot more subtle than yelling “‘Merica!” or singing those two lines you know from the Star Spangled Banner. Which brings me to my next point…

Learn the rest of the Star Spangled Banner

I fully admit that I only know the opening line, and the last couple of lines, from the USA national anthem. In fairness, that’s about three more lines than I know from any other country’s national anthem, but it’s still pretty half-hearted. There are always celebrities singing this song before sporting events, so chances are good that you’ll find a version of someone you like singing it. One of my personal favourites has to be when R. Kelly made the national anthem into an R&B anthem.

Eat like an American

Before anyone gets offended, I mean this in a sincere manner! We get a lot of eating habits from America, and I think we take some things for granted. So, have some American cereal for breakfast, then bring out the M&Ms – but pick out only the red and blue ones, of course. Bonus points if they’re peanut butter flavour, like mine. Crack open a nice, cold, Rootbeer, and get your PB&J ready for lunch. And lastly settle down with some hot dogs for dinner, because that’s what freedom tastes like, my friend.

Do your ‘grocery’ shopping at Asda


We’ll probably never know what it’s like to go shopping in a gigantic warehouse for your weekly banana and loo roll run, but if we ever did, that place would be Asda. Owned by Walmart, Asda probably has the closest link to the States of all the  chain supermarket stores (sorry, Tesco.)

Set off a few fireworks


I know a lot of Americans who like to set off fireworks from their boats with a nice city skyline as the backdrop. It’s a lot harder to fill that aesthetic in the UK but even if you let off a couple of Catherine Wheels and shake a sparkler around, at least you’re getting into the spirit of things!

Meanwhile, I’ll be walking around singing this to myself all day..! ‘MERICA!

starry stephanie



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