Things From The Week

Things From The Week #34

The Hottest Day Of The Year

This week in England we had the hottest day of the year. It was extremely hot, and there was no wind – it was just stagnant. It would have been nice if we’d had a week to acclimatise but it kind of hit us suddenly, then disappeared just as quickly. Boooo. Anyway, I wore the only sleeveless top I have and tagged the owner of the company in my tweet – he retweeted it, and it got loads of likes. I felt very popular!


Since the weather was alright (it didn’t rain for about 3 days) my mum, like so many others, ran into her garden to get some plants down. I’d say I helped, but to be honest I was just the guy with the watering can. She was so proud that she made me take a picture for her, awwwh.

Pokemon Go

If you’re not playing Pokemon Go then you’re a boring individual. Just kidding – but it’s so much fun! I went to the Trafford Centre with Louise on Wednesday and we passed so many people playing the game. I wasn’t sure why, since it hardly ever works inside buildings, but I opened the game and realised there were loads of Pokestops (places to get free items) all over the place! I just about managed not to turn into a drone walking around, eyes glued to the app, but I still managed to catch a Machop, and contribute to the hatching of my eggs!


On Monday night the annual Alternative Press Music Awards took place, and since I didn’t have work the next day, I decided to try and stay up to watch it. Since it took place in America and only started about 1am, however, I obviously failed, falling asleep around an hour in. But thankfully I didn’t miss Patrick Stump’s hilarious awards acceptance speech! Check it out above!


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