My Little Box

My Little Summer Vibes Box – June


The theme this month is Summer Vibes. I’m not going on holiday this year (yes, I am bitter about it) so I’m not really feeling any summer vibes. Moreover, these ‘Summer Vibes’ are more like beach vibes, and I live nowhere near a beach (again, yes I absolutely am bitter).

The lifestyle goodies were a vest that says “Girls just wanna have Sun,” (£15) which is not strictly true, as I am a girl, and I don’t really want sun, cause I would burn. There’s also a packet of Kusmi Tea, and the beauty bits came in a plastic ‘Bikini Lifeguard’ pouch to put your wet bikini in, so the things in your beach bag aren’t soaked by it (£6).

1) Glitter Glue Deluxe Primer by Too Faced, £10 for 5ml
This is some kind of primer type glue thing, which you put on your eyelid first and then put the eyeshadow and/or glitter on top. According to the picture on the front it makes it smoother and less clumpy, and it means glitter doesn’t spread all over your face. I don’t wear eyeshadow but if it works then it must be some kind of miracle product, because as everyone knows, glitter is the type of thing that gets e v e r y w h e r e.

2) Paint Pot by Ciaté, £6 for 5ml
We all know my love for nail polish. I feel a little bit like a nail polish connoisseur in that way. Whilst the brush of this is nice and thick, it doesn’t really go on very smoothly – the first coat is a bit sparce, and the second coat looks a little better, but only if you put quite a thick layer on. Personally I’m not enamoured with the colour either – it’s a bit too pale and washed-out for me. Apparently the Ciaté ice cream range comes in 8 different ‘flavours’ though, so I guess I’ve just had bad luck with this one.

3) Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray by My Little Beauty, £7 for 95ml

There’s no information given about this spray but I’m assuming it’s just like the ones which make your hair look all beach wavy. Whilst I can’t comment on the quality of said waves (I have naturally wavy hair so I didn’t notice much difference?) it does smell really nice, so maybe I’ll just spray it on my hair to make it smell nice instead.


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