Let’s Try This Again.

Today I opened the WordPress app for the first time in a couple of months, and I feel quite guilty for having neglected my blog. It’s not a matter of choice – I’ve always been open about my struggles with writers block, and it’s really hit me hard this time around. I haven’t really written anything since Blog Every Day In May.

I never wanted to be one of those people who came along and was like “sorry I haven’t posted in a while guyz!” So that’s not what this post is going to be about. Instead I’m going to talk about what I’ve done in the past few months.

  • Cancelled my My Little Box subscription.
    You probably know this is something I was considering for a while – I just have boxes, and little bits from boxes, all over the house. And even my mum noticed I was receiving the new boxes and feeling wholly uninspired, so we agreed it was best to cancel my subscription. Nothing against them – they just weren’t representing my interests anymore.
  • Started Law school!
    In mid-September I had my induction and got all of my books for my Graduate Diploma in Law course, which I officially started last week. I’m already loving it, part of the reason I started my blog was because I missed writing essays so much, so I’m really glad to be back into education and dedicated to it!
  • Did things without thinking of blogging about them.
    This is the kind of thing that happens to bloggers. Intentionally or not, whenever you do something, you think about it critically in terms of putting it on your blog. I’ve been able to enjoy some time off without thinking about putting the things I do into words. And that’s been relaxing, but also kind of made me feel a bit lazy!
  • Settled into my new job nicely.
    I started a new job in April, and I’m still really loving it. The group of people I work with are so lovely, and we recently reorganised our office, so we aren’t divided and isolated into our teams and we can chat with the other teams. There’s something about Fridays where we all just have the most ridiculous conversations and end up in stitches, trying to compose ourselves before answering our phones. Everyone’s also really supportive of my Law course too, even though it means I’m spending less time at the office! Of course, this week we had a Macmillan Coffee Morning, and yummy cake always helps.
  • Gotten excited for Halloween, far too early.
    My friend recently asked me what exactly I do on Halloween that makes me so excited for it? The answer is nothing. I watch Halloween specials of TV shows and make a half-assed attempt to dress up whilst eating the sweets my mum bought for the non-existent trick or treaters, but there’s something about spookiness that calls out to me. Pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, cobwebs, all the Halloween related emojis… I think it epitomises autumn for me, and I do love autumn.
  • Plotting my comeback.
    Of course I’ve thought about writing this post too many times to count over the course of the past… four months? I don’t know what’s suddenly pushed me into gear, but I’ve enjoyed writing this post, and I feel committed to reviving my blog. Although with my job and my university course, I may not be able to write as often, but I’m going to try my damnedest not to leave it so long before my next post again!

Thank you so much for sticking around during the lull, I can’t make promises but I’m certainly going to try and stay around this time. Thank you! ❤️


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