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2017 Goals


Ah yes, it’s that time of year again where those of us for whom writing blog posts has fallen by the wayside crawl out from under our rock and face up to how well we have fared against the goals we set ourselves from last year (hint: not great). Actually, having said that, I didn’t really set myself too many blogging related goals last year, so technically I’m not letting myself down. Or, at least, that’s what I’ll tell myself.


1) Stand up for myself more.
I like to think I did alright with this one! It’s the type of thing you have to work on in stages. I’m the type of person who will defend their friends forever, but because I can’t stand conflict, I would shy away when it comes down to myself. But I’m definitely better at saying no to things, even if it does take a while to make it happen.

2) Work really hard; try not to procrastinate as much.
I definitely think I’m working very hard, but I’m still procrastinating unfortunately! I think that might be in my DNA at this point. Never not going to happen. Damn.

3) Enter into less group chats.
Completely failed at this one. But really, with starting university in September, hoping not to enter into group chats was very misguided. Thankfully I’m finding it easier to keep up with the group chats I’m in now, so at least that’s something!


1) Secure a Training Contract.
Well now that you know I’m studying law, it’s safe to explain that I’m in the process of applying for legal jobs. Obviously in 2017 I managed to get a very good job which I greatly enjoy and am forever grateful to have the opportunity with, and thankfully my manager is a Law graduate himself so he’s extremely supportive (if a little reluctant to let me leave). But the next stage of my career will be trying to get a training contract with a firm who will pay my LPC fees and give me a trainee job once I finish that course! At this point, if I do manage to get one this year, I won’t even start until 2019 anyway, so it’s definitely something I’m keen to get sorted as soon as I can.

2) Pick up writing again.
Understandably given the course load (an entire 3 year Law degree squeezed into one year!?) I’ve struggled to keep writing on here. Yeah, before this post, I hadn’t posted since October, and before that, not since July. It’s hard having fallen out of the swing of things, so my resolution is to keep writing things, even if it’s just my Things From the Week, just to keep everything ticking over. It’s something I enjoy doing and whilst it’s important to focus on my work, it’s necessary to take a break every now and then too.

3) Take more photos.
As much as I love taking selfies, they’re not really something that can be put onto Instagram on a regular basis without being broken up by other photos. I used to enjoy trying to figure out what to post for the Fat Mum Slim photo challenges, so the first way I’m tackling this resolution is by taking part in the January 2017 challenge. You can follow me on Instagram to keep track of how I do – I could probably use some encouragement/telling off when I “””forget””” to post, please and thanks…

Have you set yourself any challenges? How did you compare up to anything you set yourself from last year? Let me know!

starry stephanie


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