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Things From The Week #35


As per my goals post I’ve been trying to take more photos, so I’ve been doing the FatMumSlim Photo A Day challenge! I’ve done the challenge before but ended up feeling pretty uninspired by the prompts and ended up with some rubbish photos. This time around I’m trying to come up with some better things to fill the prompts! If you fancy following my plight you can find me on Instagram – especially if you’re taking part too, we can encourage each other!

Cocktails and dinner at TGI Fridays

On Wednesday I went out for cocktails and food with my friend Gabbi from university! We actually tried to organise a night out with cocktails and karaoke for everyone on our course, but nobody else came… We made sure to have a good time regardless – with many cocktails (although no karaoke). Gabbi ordered a Sweetheart which she said just tasted like tequila, and I had a citrus-free Strawberry Daiquiri which tasted like actual heaven. We then shared a pitcher of Purple Rain in Wetherspoons but came home early as we went into uni the next day to get some pro bono work under our belts.


I’ve definitely mentioned Pokemon Go before, despite getting bored of it, I still play it every now and then. And the other day it paid off because I finally caught an elusive Ditto! It was disguised as a Magikarp – I love hearing what other people’s were disguised as, my cousin said his was a Weedle he nearly didn’t bother with!

“I think you have the wrong guest, sir.”

The BBC are mistaken identity experts – nearly 11 years ago Guy Goma became a national celebrity when they interviewed him instead of the guest they had actually invited on the show. And it nearly happened again! Thankfully the interviewer realised the guest’s actual identity straight after he told them they had introduced someone else – but it’s still funny!

Hope everyone has had a good first week of 2017!


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