Things From The Week

Things From The Week #36

Back to Work

This week was back to work after the Christmas break – I’m not complaining, I work in a college so we have longer breaks than most (remind me why I want to work in a law firm instead?) My colleague and I have been hoping to get second computer screens for at least a month now, so it was a nice surprise to come in and find our wishes granted!

Back to Uni

This week was also back to uni, it’s nice getting back into the swing of things and meeting our new tutors for this term. Of course it was nicer seeing all my friends again and catching up. On Tuesday Gabbi and I went for Nando’s and stayed in the library in the evening because someone else on our course, Tariq, was playing a few songs at an open mic night in a nearby bar – we’ll come back to that…

A Series of Unfortunate Events

On Friday the new Netflix TV series of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events came out (Friday the 13th, no less). I loved the books, and, apparently controversially, I loved the movie too. I just love the story in general – so although I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far, I’m really enjoying the TV series too – Neil Patrick Harris makes a brilliant Count Olaf, although I’m a little put off by the fact Klaus looks older than Violet.

Tariq.B at The Whiskey Jar

Two of my friends on my course did music degrees (and they are the cutest couple) and one of them, Tariq, still performs regularly. On Tuesday he played at an open mic night at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester. I’d heard his music before but not live. He’s so talented so I wanted to share one of his songs with you all – enjoy!


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