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My Lucky Song


I’ve always been a huge music nerd; in high school people used to compare me to Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill all the time (she was my favourite character as well, so it was fine). My mum tells me I was always a fan of music as a baby and growing up I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have at least one favourite song.

These days as you can guess, when I’m feeling a bit down or worried about something, or just want to feel good, I will listen to Fall Out Boy.

But actually, I have one particularly lucky song. I told someone at work about this, and they were amazed, so I really want to share the details with you all!

Firstly, here’s my lucky song, Roar by Katy Perry:

This has proven itself to be my lucky song on no less than four separate occasions.

  1. When I had my interview for my first job. I parked up at the place, and this had been playing on the radio, so I decided to sit in my car and listen to the rest of the song. The lyrics were uplifting and confidence boosting, especially before an interview! I got the job, but didn’t think much about the song.
  2. When I had an interview at Apple. Again, I was driving into Manchester for this interview, when this song came on the radio. I’d like to just reiterate that – the song came on the radio – I didn’t put it on myself. Anyway, I sat and listened to it again, and thought back on my first interview. I didn’t get the job, but after that particular interview I was invited back to the next round of interviews! Actually I remember heading down for that second interview and thinking about how Roar didn’t come on the radio and feeling like it was an omen. And then I didn’t get through to the next round…
  3. When I had an interview for my current job. You’re beginning to get the picture by now, surely? So there I am, driving to this place for my interview, and I think to myself ‘how funny would it be if Roar came on just now?’ And I’m not even joking, this is the honest truth, once the news had finished, the first song that played was actually Roar. And I got the job. Pretty freaky right?
  4. On my first day of university. I was walking through the Arndale feeling a little nervous, heading into university for my induction, and as I walked past Subway I heard a very familiar tune indeed. I had a great first day at uni.

I know it probably seems like a massive coincidence, but I’m pretty much convinced that this song is related to good things for me.

Do you have a lucky song, or any experiences like this? Let me know, I’d love to know if I’m not the only weird one around here!

starry stephanie


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