Things From The Week

Things From The Week #37

Winter Is Going?

It really is the small things that make you smile. Usually I get to work and it’s pitch black outside, and by the time I leave it’s gone pitch black again. So when I left work on Friday to find it was actually still light outside I was actually so thrilled I had to take a photo to commemorate the moment! I’ve seen people asking how anyone can be happy the days are getting longer, but when it means more light in my life, I’m happy for the days to last forever.

Excess orange tones

On Saturday I bought some pink-coloured spray dye to add some fun to my hair. Obviously I knew it wasn’t going to go bright pink but this message inside the instructions was a bit harsh, I felt. My schtick is my ginger hair, so the use of “excess […] orange tones” did hurt my feelings a little! The best way to describe my hair is strawberry blonde, as I do have loads of blonde hairs too. So I put the dye on a patch of hair, and it’s just absolutely not taken on the ginger hairs, but you can just about see it on the blonde ones. Disappointing!


Yeah, I probably am going to turn into a pizza at some point. Kirsty and I went to Pizza Hut on Saturday, and although the food was delicious we had an awful experience (read: we waited 20 minutes to be seated, staring at our empty table the whole time, then waited 40 minutes for our pizza, which we were staring at as it was sitting on the side for half an hour, then another 20 minutes after they said they were going to make a fresh one.) So even though the manager gave us a voucher by way of an apology, I don’t think we’ll be rushing back, somehow.


This week my favourite Bromance in the world, Joe Biden and Barack Obama (Joebama), left the Whitehouse. Sky News made a great tribute so I’ll let their video do the talking!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!


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