Oscar Nominations 2017


The 2017 Oscar nominations were released yesterday. Every year I take a look at these, and Louise and I plan to see as many films as we can. And usually we do pitifully. Of last year’s 8 Best Picture nominees we ended up seeing a grand total of three. Three.


But this year, oh yes this year, we are going to do SO MUCH better. We’re already 2 down, and seeing another this evening, with plans to see yet another next week. So that’s already one up on last year (although, there are 9 this year…)

So far we have seen Arrival, which was a really enjoyable movie – although I kind of figured out the twist quite early on, but that’s just the kind of person I am. I hadn’t even considered it for an Oscars nod, but the Academy are always throwing curveballs.

Speaking of curveballs, absolutely nobody was surprised to see that La La Land got so many nominations – and rightly so, it was an absolutely fantastic film. I will truly be surprised if it doesn’t win in any of the categories it’s nominated in. I haven’t seen enough of the movies to decide this yet – but I would probably go as far as to call this one as the winner. But we’ll revisit this nearer the time…

The plan this evening is to watch Lion, which looks really emotionally draining, but I’m definitely excited to watch it! Then next week we’re planning on seeing Manchester by the Sea (which I’m already prepared for as an extremely depressing movie which has absolutely nothing to do with my Manchester). After that I definitely want to see Hidden Figures, and will probably see Hacksaw Ridge then. Which would bring our total up to 6! We can do this!

The 89th Academy Awards are taking place on Sunday 26th February. A full list of nominees can be found on the official Oscars website.

starry stephanie


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