University Update

university update

So in September 2016 I started a conversion course into Law, called the Graduate Diploma in Law. Before I started I did all my research and spoke to a number of people about the course, and by all accounts, it was one of the most strenuous courses you could take. Well, it was an entire 3-year law degree, squished into a 9 month course after all! As someone who isn’t particularly organised (okay, I’m not organised at all) and who has a bit of a penchant for procrastination (okay, Hamlet is not a patch on me) it was a bit daunting, but I was determined to do it. And for all my other faults, one thing about me is that I actually can do anything I put my mind to. So I applied myself, and although my blog suffered, I completed the course without getting left behind. It meant going out a lot less and spending all my evenings and weekends doing my preparation work for the next week, but the sense of achievement now that it’s over really is worth it.

I made a load of new friends along the way – honestly, from the very first day of the course onwards everyone in my class got along with one another immediately. It was pretty amazing! It really helped having such close friends especially during the tough moments. One particular tough moment was in the middle of our second semester exams – we had three, all within two weeks of each other, and the last two within three days of each other. We spent the day before the last exam in university revising and at lunch time I lay down on a sofa in the common area feeling exhausted and like I couldn’t carry on. Then I saw a picture of a puppy wearing a stocking (below, for reference) and went into a fit of hysteria.

Credit: Someone on Twitter, sorry!

So there I am, not sure if I’m crying or laughing, about this dog, or the fact I felt hideously underprepared for the exam I had the next day, or from exhaustion or whatever else. Eventually (after about half an hour, two cups of water and a trip outside for some fresh air) I calmed back down again, but not without the help of my friend Gabbi.


I make friends really easily but I don’t often get really close to people – I have loads of good friends, but only a handful of best friends, so to gain a new best friend in such a short space of time is really novel to me, but definitely a great feeling. After about a month on the course Gabbi and I became practically inseperable and she’s definitely one of those friends for life type of people. We’ve helped each other through the course and we’re already excited for our next adventure together!


The next step in becoming actual real-life lawyers is for us to do the Legal Practice Course, so that’s our next plan from September 2017. We’ll both be doing the LPC in combination with a Masters of Science in Law, Business and Management and hopefully graduating in June 2018, at which point I’ll be BSc, GDL, LPC, MSc, WTF, OMG, ETC. Okay, maybe a few of those were made up.


starry stephanie


19 thoughts on “University Update

  1. Good luck on the next part of your course. I do wish I had gone to university when I was younger, a great opportunity to make friends, have fun as well as building a career

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